Responsible gaming

What does responsible gambling mean?

Responsible gambling involves gambling in a safe, healthy and balanced manner. It involves taking measures to ensure that gambling is enjoyable and a positive activity, while avoiding the negative consequences associated with excessive gambling.

What does it mean to play responsibly?

Gambling with responsibility means setting limits on the time and money spent on the game, and adhering to these limits. It also means being aware of the risks and potential consequences of gambling, as well as taking measures to minimize them.

Symptoms of gambling problems

Some signs that gambling may become a problem include:

  • A constant increase in bets to achieve the desired excitement.
  • Gambling for longer than planned.
  • Neglect of personal or professional duties for the sake of gambling.
  • The continuation of the game, despite the increasing losses.
  • Concealment of the scale of gambling activity from close people.
  • Borrowing or stealing money to finance gambling.

If you notice these symptoms in yourself, it may be time to seek help.


Self-analysis tools are available online to help determine if your game is problematic. They usually include a series of questions about your gambling behavior and habits. The results will help you assess whether you need to take action to correct your behavior.

Tools for responsible gaming

Many online casinos offer various tools that help players play responsibly. These tools include setting deposit and time limits, self-exclusion, and reality check. Deposit and time limits allow players to set limits on the amount of money and time they can spend gambling. Self-exclusion allows players to temporarily or permanently ban access to gambling sites. Reality check reminds the player how much time they spend gambling and helps prevent excessive gambling.

Organizations that can help

There are many organizations that provide assistance to people struggling with gambling problems. They offer a variety of resources, from counseling and support groups to financial assistance and legal advice. Some of the most prominent organizations include:

  1. Stö
  2. Anonymous gamblers
  3. National Council on Gambling Problems
  4. Gam-Anon
  5. Gambling therapy

Many online casinos also offer support lines where you can contact if you have problems with gambling. Trained specialists in these lines can provide you with advice, recommendations and direct you to additional resources if necessary.

Additional organizations

Besides the aforementioned organizations, there are many other groups that can help you with gambling problems. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling problems, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. With support and available resources, you can overcome gambling addiction and regain control of your life.

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