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Casinos-Without-License offers unbiased reviews of online casinos based on data gathered and examined by professionals in the industry. Every day, our team works to make sure that players only get the most recent information. 

Our Casino Testing Methods

The entire process of testing casinos at Casinos-Without-License consists of three essential steps:

  1. Exhaustive research;
  2. Gathering information;
  3. Expert analysis.

Ways to do research

  • Verify the casino’s legitimacy and licence status.
  • Check the official database of the Gambling Commission to find the licence number of the gambling establishment;
  • Seek out verification seals from neutral testing agencies such as eCOGRA;
  • Check the security settings of the website, including the type of encryption used;
  • Check the website’s age and how long it has been operational.
  • Learn more about the parent company of the casino;
  • Learn about Affiliate Casinos;
  • Obtain user reviews of various online casinos.

Data collection process

The experts at Casinos-Without-License gathered user-relevant data by:

  • Find out the duration of the registration process;
  • Check the account and closely observe the documentation and procedures related to Know Your Customer (KYC);
  • Verify that the navigation functions on a range of devices.
  • Find out more about the available casino apps and how to download them;
  • Play the most popular casino games and record the number of different game varieties available;
  • Look up the minimum and maximum bets for each kind of game;
  • Examine the features of the games offered by the software providers on the website;
  • Check the costs, minimums, and durations related to the different deposit choices;
  • Guidelines and restrictions;
  • Take a look at how accommodating and kind the casino’s customer service is.

Objective analysis and review

Casinos can compare their performance to that of the competition using the Casinos-Without-License analytical system. Anonymous Tests with Real Accounts would rather make accounts using a fictitious name when researching online casinos. This guarantees the authenticity and objectivity of the reviews. The following are the things we consider: 

User Interface and Usability
Our experts carefully examine every casino’s website to ensure that it offers a user-friendly experience. Every section is examined to determine whether it is well-structured, whether players can find the information they require with ease, and whether there are any issues.
Casino Applications
The casino app streamlines the gaming experience and might even grant access to extra features. If the casino has iOS or Android apps, our specialists will see if they can install and test them to make sure everything functions as it should.
A casino’s well-established reputation is one of the factors that Casinos-Without-License considers highly important when making evaluations. Then the entire Terms and Conditions document will be read by our experts, who will highlight any particularly important clauses. Moreover, they detect false information. The professionals at Casinos-Without-License consider all facets of a casino’s operations, such as its offerings, methods of distribution, length of time on the market, and age of the industry. Reviewers of online casinos not only collect this information, but they also look for flaws in the organization’s moral character.
We always test out several different payment methods before writing a review of an online casino. They enter their information and deposit the required minimum amount when making their first deposit. To see how long it takes for the transaction to process, they remove the funds from the account. In order to prevent exceeding the withdrawal limit, the team also monitors the maximum amount specified in the T&C.
Mobile version
Online casinos must take into account the fact that a lot of gamblers prefer to use their mobile devices. As a result, the specialists who put together our evaluations of online casinos examine them on mobile devices, carefully examining every component to ascertain whether or not the user interface seems cluttered or laborious to prospective clients. To maintain parity, Casinos-Without-License additionally checks the desktop and mobile versions.
Slot machines
To find which casinos have the greatest slot machine play, experts from Casinos-Without-License tested a variety of video slots, including 5-reel games, Progressives, Classics, Jackpots, and more. To determine whether the establishment offers a decent selection, they are looking at the calibre of service providers and the total number of slot machines. They made a modest upfront investment and played a number of different slot machines to try their luck. To make sure the casino games are legitimate, the payout ratio is examined at T&C or, if applicable, by other specialised testing organisations like eCOGRA.
Live Games
Our experts take into account the betting limits first when it comes to live dealer games. They enter the betting rooms for different games and make bets in line with each game’s rules. Finding a trustworthy provider that provides a variety of real-time games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette is the next step.
Testing with mobile gadgets
Specialists in the field of online casino reviews frequently visit the website using a range of gadgets, such as laptop computers and smartphones. They used a 13-inch MacBook Air and an iPhone 13 Pro to test the game system for bugs. Conducting tests across a variety of devices is helpful in determining how user-friendly the casino is.
Customer Support Staff
When something goes wrong, a customer service team can help. Our employees would greatly benefit from having consistent access to support channels such as live chat and email. Furthermore, they contact them to assess their dependability. Our team is also looking into pre-registration support options and VIP services to give players a better experience.

What happens when a gambling establishment does not meet the criteria?

If a web-based gambling establishment meets all of the above criteria, we will not hesitate to recommend it to our readers. If the casino is too far away from the intended area and endangers the safety of its patrons, it will be placed on the blacklist.

We are confident that readers can rely on the casinos we have listed here to offer a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. Because of the risks involved, our team of experts has carefully examined every casino on our blacklist and recommends against playing at these locations.

  • Disgraceful waste or confiscation of prize money.
  • Unreliable or unsatisfactory customer interaction.
  • It takes too long for wins to be processed and awarded.
  • Unpredictability in games and site security.
  • Difficulties getting bonuses paid.

We may come across such questionable resources while conducting extensive research or responding to helpful suggestions and complaints from our readers. 


Is income from paid partnerships considered in the verification process?

Paid partnerships have no effect on the reviews that appear on Casinos-Without-License. We do not receive payment from about 30% of the casino brands we list, and we do not always recommend casinos with which we have financial arrangements. Our customers are our first priority, and we strive to provide them objective, professional reviews of online casinos.

How much time does it take to review every online casino in-depth?

The entire process of writing an online casino review can take up to 12 hours, not counting the time required to proofread for mistakes. You can save time and effort by working with the experts at Casinos-Without-License; they are aware of exactly what information you require and where to find it.

How frequently does Casinos-Without-License publish updates regarding its reviews of casinos?

Casinos-Without-License regularly updates all of its reviews of online casinos throughout the year. The review panel keeps abreast of changes in the gaming sector, such as new casino openings and legislative initiatives. Casinos-Without-License team also travels to iGaming conferences globally to stay up to date on advancements in both the industry and particular regions. It is simple to stay up to date with the most recent advancements in the online gambling sector because of their thorough research procedure.

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