Betting Sites Without Swedish License

Recently, the number of players on websites that the Swedish Gambling Authority licenses have decreased. Identifying a single cause is difficult, although Spelpaus’s strictness is undoubtedly a factor. The Swedish Gambling Authority is always enacting new regulations, such as caps on wins, identity checks, and limits. There is even a statement that controls over betting in Sweden might prove advantageous for the offshore market.

It’s simple to sign up for these unlicensed betting sites and begin playing the way you prefer. Furthermore, we’ll show you how to gamble safely without a Swedish license. We will discuss their benefits in addition to the top betting sites that aren’t Spelpaus.

Last Updated: Apr, 16 2024
Betting Sites Without Swedish License
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Best Betting Sites Without Swedish License 2024

Betting without Swedish license
Betting without Swedish license
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Unlimited bonuses

To answer your question, playing at a betting site without a Swedish gaming license is not against the law in Sweden. It is not a criminal offense, and deciding to do so is primarily a question of personal preference. 

Nevertheless, there is a possibility that these kinds of operators are associated with a higher level of risk, which is why we advise you to exercise caution while selecting the betting site you use. Alternatively, if safety is one of your primary concerns, select a licensed operator as your preferred option.

Of course, It is up to you to decide if you want to play on a betting site that does not have a Swedish license. Yet, you should be aware of all the potential dangers of selecting a gaming company that does not have a license. On the other hand, operators are not permitted to accept players from some countries because those countries do not have a license to operate online gambling sites. 

Although numerous online betting sites function without acquiring a license from the respective gambling authorities in relevant jurisdictions, certain platforms might hold legitimate licenses from reputable entities like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the governmental body of Curacao.

Betting at Non-Swedish Licensed Casinos and Without Spelpaus

One thing comes to mind when discussing gambling at a casino without a Swedish license. At Swedish license betting sites, you have a well-designed self-exclusion service and a program designed to assist Swedish gamers in taking breaks and abstaining from playing casino games when necessary. We refer to this service as Spelpaus.

With just a few clicks, Swedish gamers can self-exclude from any casino and betting site with a Swedish license due to Spelpaus, a simple betting service. All you have to do is select the time and sign in to using your bank ID. You can self-exclude for one, three, or six months. Additionally, you have the option to self-exclude indefinitely. After a year, if you choose this option, you can ask for access first.

This is an excellent service if you are struggling with gambling-related issues. Still, there is no way to reverse it if you inadvertently enter a longer self-exclusion term than you think is appropriate. Your only options in this situation are to either wager on a casino without a Swedish license or Spelpaus or wait until the timer goes out.

casinos without Spelpaus

How We Check Betting Sites Without Swedish License

Rating unlicensed bookmakers for Swedish bettors effectively can be easily accomplished with the framework we’re about to introduce. Evaluating these platforms involves three crucial factors, each meticulously applied to every betting site. This comprehensive analysis provides insight into each platform’s offerings, functionalities, and overall quality, facilitating the creation of a curated list showcasing the top contenders in the field.

✅ Exemption from Spelpaus Restrictions

Navigating Spelpaus restrictions can prove onerous, especially when seeking only a brief respite. Fortunately, the bookmakers we endorse operate independently of this program. They possess the autonomy to establish their exclusion protocols, often affording users more flexibility. Furthermore, their detachment from interconnected bookmakers serves as a notable advantage.

✅ Expedited Withdrawals

Have you ever pondered the prolonged withdrawal processing times of Skolinspektionen-licensed bookmakers? Primarily attributable to stringent regulations governing card and bank transfers. In contrast, non-Spelpaus platforms evade such constraints, facilitating instantaneous processing of withdrawal requests. The majority of payouts are dispersed within a mere 24-hour timeframe.

✅ Diverse Array of Leagues & Markets

For enthusiasts seeking unparalleled market diversity in football, ice hockey, and basketball, SGA-affiliated platforms may not suffice. Hence, our quest for diversity extends beyond mere sports coverage to encompass the plethora of markets available per fixture. Do they offer prop bets? How about Handicaps or odds enhancements? These factors significantly inform our final assessment.

✅ Streamlined KYC Procedures

No bettor relishes the intrusive nature of incessant KYC demands. Non-Spelpaus platforms acknowledge this sentiment and endeavor to maintain a non-intrusive stance. While regulatory compliance mandates KYC processes, they are reserved for specific instances such as substantial withdrawals, new account registrations, or suspicious activities. Our first hand evaluation promptly eliminates overly intrusive platforms from contention.

What Distinguishes Licensed Betting Sites From Unlicensed Ones?

The primary distinction between betting organizations with licenses and those without is that the former is not bound by the gaming authorities’ rules and legislation in Germany, Britain, or Holland. 

Only some gaming companies that ask for a gaming license in these nations are given one due to the stringent requirements. The way operators in these countries’ gaming sites should run their businesses for players in each country is heavily influenced by the gambling regulators in these countries.

Greater Bonuses

Since it is not permitted to have more than one casino bonus, if you opt to play on a licensed betting site, you will receive a no deposit bonus in addition to the welcome bonus for new players. Deposit bonuses at the best sports betting sites without a Swedish license are more and more substantial. You frequently receive multiple of them, sometimes even as much as one every week.

Various Payment Options

Gaming establishments with licenses must provide safe and dependable payment options. Not to the same degree, but still true, are unlicensed betting sites. Credit cards, E-wallets, Trustly, Instant Banking, and DirektBank, are available at both licensed and casinos without a Swedish license. Still, only Curacao casinos offer payment methods such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Most unlawful sports betting sites accept VISA and Mastercard. Yet, users often need help with using them because the Swedish government forbids bank transfers to unlicensed betting sites.

No National Programme for Self-Exclusion

National self-exclusion programs are one significant difference between a betting site with and without a Swedish license. You must participate in a national self-exclusion program if you hold a license. A player opting to use the program will simultaneously be barred from all websites.

This isn’t the case for unlicensed betting sites. Unlicensed casino sites are not included in any national self-exclusion programs. Hence, Swedish players who use self-exclusion programs can still wager at unlicensed sites.

Pros and Cons of Betting Sites Without Swedish License

What’s driving the sudden surge in the hunt for bookies outside the Spelpaus system? The appeal lies in the array of benefits and functionalities offered by these betting sites without a Swedish license. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the downsides and risks associated with bookmakers not affiliated with Spelpaus. 

Here are some key pros and cons of betting sites without Swedish license to be mindful of:


  • Streamlined Verification Process
    Navigating through KYC procedures can be a hassle, especially on Swedish licensed betting sites. From sharing ID pictures with unfamiliar faces to enduring prolonged waiting periods, it’s far from convenient. Yet, non-SGA bookmakers eliminate this ordeal by offering swift verification, often completed within minutes. Plus, KYC checks typically only kick in for substantial withdrawal requests.
  • No Dependency on BankID
    While BankID expedites the gaming experience by enabling instant play, not everyone is keen on intertwining their banking affairs with gambling activities. Non-Spelpaus bookies provide a solution, allowing users to separate sports betting and daily finances clearly. Options like cryptocurrencies, eWallets, and vouchers offer alternative avenues for transactions.
  • Freedom from Spelpaus Restrictions
    While Spelpaus serves its purpose in combating problem gambling, its blanket approach fails to differentiate between genuine addiction and the need for a temporary hiatus. Non-Swedish licensed bookmakers allow users to self-exclude, often limited to individual platforms. Some even enable personalized exclusion periods, catering to diverse needs, with breaks as short as a month or two.
  • Tax-Free Winnings
    The most enticing benefit of opting for non-licensed Swedish betting sites is their base in tax havens. Beyond sheltering billionaires’ wealth, these jurisdictions extend a welcoming hand to gamblers by exempting winnings from taxation. Every win goes straight to your pocket.


  • Absence of SEK Currency Support
    Dealing with conversion rates can be quite disappointing. Unfortunately, numerous non-Spelpaus wagering platforms overlook Sweden as a significant market and do not accommodate SEK transactions. One might consider utilizing cryptocurrencies or urging their Swedish bank to establish a USD/EUR account to navigate this issue, as these currencies are more widely accepted.
  • Unavailability of Trustly Payments
    Trustly is highly favored by Swedes, but its availability is limited to Denmark, Norway, Finland, and select European nations. While it’s possible to discover a suitable bookmaker, most non-Swedish licensed betting sites operate from tax havens or regions with lenient online gambling sites’ regulations. Consequently, instant play casino games without registration shouldn’t be anticipated.
  • Difficulty in Self-Exclusion Procedures
    Bookmakers lacking an SGA license prioritize freedom over player safety. Despite the convenience and accessibility appreciated by both professionals and casual players, this approach poses risks for individuals with gambling problems. Additionally, such platforms do not participate in broader exclusion schemes, as jurisdictions like Curacao do not administer such programs.
  • While gaining traction, Zimpler’s global acceptance and integration across all online casinos are still in progress.

Betting Sites Without Swedish License FAQ

What sets apart a betting platform lacking a Swedish license?

Initially, it might appear indistinguishable from its Swedish-licensed counterparts. However, you’ll notice the absence of the local regulatory logo in the site’s footer, replaced by offshore registration details typically found there. Occasionally, withdrawal processes may be slower, contingent upon various factors.

Do Swedish players have access to betting sites without a Swedish license?

Yes, they do. All Swedish punters are invited to place their free bets on these platforms. Simply create a new account or utilize an existing one, deposit your funds, select your preferred sports event, and place your bet. No extra formalities are required.

Are bookmakers without a Swedish license secure?

Yes, they are. Despite lacking a Swedish license, these platforms are safe and armed with SSL encryption. Betting remains secure and straightforward. Nonetheless, it’s wise to wager exclusively on reputable platforms to enjoy optimal benefits and sidestep any potential issues. We consistently highlight top-tier and reputable sportsbooks for your consideration.

Is it possible to use Trustly, Instant Banking, and DirektBank on unlicensed betting platforms?

Indeed, you can. Many online betting sites without a Swedish license currently offer these payment methods, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

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