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Introducing AstroPay, a convenient solution that intertwines a prepaid virtual card and e-wallet. It is crafted to enhance the speed and security of online transactions. Online casinos are venturing into the realm of AstroPay, and a multitude of online platforms are embracing It as a primary payment avenue.

This page serves as a guide for those looking for the perfect AstroPay compliant online casino. Browse the many attractive bonus options of AstroPay casinos without a Swedish license. Explore in-depth company information along with an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of using this service.

Also, within our expansive database lie numerous online casinos that seamlessly integrate AstroPay deposits.

Last Updated: Apr, 24 2024
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Best AstroPay Casinos 2024 

AstroPay Casinos
AstroPay Casinos
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AstroPay Casino History

Established in 2009 in the United Kingdom, AstroPay emerged amidst the rise of alternative payment solutions challenging giants like PayPal. It carved its niche by catering to untapped markets, particularly in Latin America and select Asian nations, setting up a base in Montevideo to bolster its presence.

This strategic move yielded significant dividends. Today, AstroPay stands as the preferred payment method for millions across Latin America, proudly touting its status as the fastest-growing platform in burgeoning economies.

The company’s primary goal is to simplify the payment process, especially for novices, by offering convenient instant transactions. This commitment to user-friendly service extends to merchants, who benefit from straightforward setup and seamless API integration.

So, let’s keep exploring what happens when online casinos accept AstroPay.

AstroPay Pros and Cons

There are numerous benefits to indulging in gaming at a casino AstroPay. Likewise, AstroPay casinos endorsing the e-wallet feature offer an array of advantages. It’s worth noting that the perks and drawbacks can differ depending on which of these options you choose. 

Given the complexity of this landscape, we’ve simplified matters by crafting a straightforward table outlining the pros and cons of each.


  • Accessibility
    Available in often neglected markets.
  • Privacy
    Provides users with an enhanced level of privacy during online transactions.
  • Ease
    The online platform offers a plethora of convenient features.
  • Simplicity
    Players can begin utilizing the prepaid card in a matter of minutes.


  • Withdrawal Limitation
    Withdrawal functionality is not supported by the prepaid card.
  • Lack of Physical Presence
    The card lacks a physical counterpart for in-store purchases.
  • Limited Acceptance
    Not all online casinos accept this service.

Guide to Register an AstroPay Account

Are you looking to set up an AstroPay casino account for your online casino adventures? It’s a breeze! Here’s a customized guide just for you:

Account Creation
Head over to the official AstroPay Company website and locate the signup option. Once you’ve found it, a prompt will appear asking for your mobile number. Enter your digits and hit ‘continue.’
Account Activation
You’ll receive an activation code on your mobile device. Simply input this code into the designated field on your screen.
Password Selection
Choose a robust password to safeguard your account from prying eyes.
Personal Details
Provide the necessary personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and so on.
Email Confirmation
Keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email containing a link. Click on it, and you’re good to go!

AstroPay in Online Casinos

If you’ve already set up your AstroPay casino account but haven’t gotten your hands on an AstroPay debit card yet, fret not. Acquiring one is a breeze. To begin, ensure your wallet has sufficient funds to cover your debit/credit card purchase. 

Rest assured, this process is straightforward. You can conveniently top up your wallet through AstroPay’s various partnerships using your MasterCard, Visa, or other preferred payment method. 

Next, you’ll need to select the AstroPay card that suits you best from the six available options. Each boasts its unique design. What’s more, every card offers distinct rewards, so choose wisely! Once all is set, your AstroPay card becomes your ticket to enjoying the best online casinos to the fullest.

 AstroPay Voucher: Are Online Casinos Open to It?

AstroPay Voucher is a prepaid card conveniently purchasable from your personalized AstroPay account, serving as a means to transact for various online products and services. It’s worth noting that the available vouchers range from 15 euros to 150 euros, yet if you require more funds, you can opt for multiple vouchers. 

The coolness of these vouchers lies in their acceptance across numerous online casinos that embrace the AstroPay payment method. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process of acquiring an AstroPay Voucher and utilizing it within an online casino environment:

Step 1: Procuring an AstroPay Voucher 

Initiate by logging into your AstroPay account. Navigate to the “home” screen, where, beneath your AstroPay balance, you’ll spot the “Vouchers” option. Clicking on it unveils a popup window prompting you to “Purchase a new voucher to get started.” Peruse through the array of available AstroPay vouchers, spanning from 15 euros to 150 euros.

Should you require additional funds, rest assured, as multiple vouchers can be acquired. Once you’ve selected your desired voucher, proceed accordingly. You’ll be furnished with a 16-digit code crucial for depositing funds into your chosen online casino.

Step 2: Identifying an AstroPay Voucher-Accepting Casino 

Opt for your preferred AstroPay casino from our list to begin your registration process. This will make you eligible to deposit with your voucher. It’s pivotal to acknowledge that vouchers function solely as deposit methods. Hence, you’ll need to establish a separate withdrawal mechanism for your winnings.

Alternative withdrawal methods include the AstroPay debit card or an alternative payment method. While many top-notch online casinos accept AstroPay deposits, the range of casinos that facilitate AstroPay withdrawals still needs to be expanded. 

If you want to withdraw your winnings using AstroPay debit cards, check the casino’s payment page to ensure it’s compatible with AstroPay withdrawals. And if you come across an online casino that only recognizes AstroPay as a deposit method, don’t worry, as you can easily choose alternative withdrawal methods.

Step 3: Depositing with Your AstroPay Voucher at the Casino of Choice

Having meticulously executed the steps above, you’re primed to deposit your voucher and embark on your gaming journey! Log into your casino account, designate AstroPay as your preferred payment method for deposit, and input your AstroPay voucher details (comprising the 16-digit code procured earlier from your AstroPay bank account). That’s all! Your casino with Astropay account will promptly reflect the deposited funds, thereby equipping you to initiate your online casino escapade.

How to Withdraw from AstroPay Casino Sites

AstroPay casinos present a significant limitation on cashing out your winnings using a virtual prepaid card. Still, despite this drawback, most online casinos accepting AstroPay offer swift withdrawal options through e-wallets. 

If you opt for this payment method, follow these steps to kickstart the process:

Select a casino from our recommendations.
Survey the options and pick an operator from which you wish to withdraw.
Navigate to the Cashier section
Access the payment center of your chosen operator and opt for AstroPay Wallet as your withdrawal preference.
Provide the required details
Enter the e-wallet information as prompted by the operator. If necessary, log into your e-wallet account.
Specify the withdrawal amount
Indicate the sum you wish to withdraw from your casino balance.
Initiate the withdrawal
Double-check the information in the preceding steps and confirm the withdrawal is accurate.
Await the processing of your withdrawal
Withdrawal requests typically take several days to process. Yet, once approved, the funds will be promptly deposited into your e-wallet!

As well, remember that withdrawals cannot be made using an AstroPay card.

Games Variety at AstroPay Casinos

Venturing into an AstroPay casino is akin to stepping into a realm of endless entertainment, mirroring the classic online casino experience. Delight awaits players with diverse games, ranging from timeless classics to innovative favorites. 

Whether you’re drawn to the suspense of roulette, the strategic depth of poker, the adrenaline rush of slots, or the camaraderie of bingo, AstroPay casino sites have it all and more!


Embrace the digital evolution of traditional slot machines within AstroPay casinos. These virtual marvels captivate players with a kaleidoscope of themes, captivating designs, and immersive gameplay. With each spin, embark on a unique journey through themed worlds, ensuring excitement with every click.


Unleash your inner tactician in AstroPay casino poker, a digital rendition of the revered virtual card game. Unlike many casino offerings, poker’s allure lies in its skill, strategy, and chance blend. Engage in exhilarating showdowns against global competitors, where victory hinges on fortune, cunning maneuvers, and calculated risks.

AstroPay Fees on Transactions

AstroPay distinguishes itself by offering lower fees than most competing eWallets. Deposits and transfers incur no fees, while a modest 0.5% fee is applied to withdrawals. This figure underscores AstroPay’s competitive edge within the eWallet landscape.

For those unfamiliar with eWallet fee structures, let’s illuminate the comparative landscape. While maintaining impartiality towards other providers, it’s important to note that established eWallets typically levy transaction fees ranging from 1% to 5%, with bank transfers often incurring fees as high as 5%. 

Unlike many counterparts, AstroPay refrains from imposing additional monthly or yearly charges for account maintenance or services.

Minimum Deposit Amounts at Best Online Casinos

Do you want to try your luck at a reliable online casino without risks? Choosing a low deposit bonus platform opens up many possibilities, including the chance to play various games and possibly even hit the jackpot.

If you look for excitement without the burden of a significant financial commitment, discover the diversity of minimum deposit amounts for every casino without Swedish license:

How We Rate Top AstroPay Casinos

Discovering the perfect casino that aligns with your gaming preferences can be challenging. Simplifying your quest, our dedicated team has curated a selection of top online casinos that proudly embrace AstroPay as a convenient payment solution.

✅ Licensing and Regional Approval 

Selecting a casino entails considering its licensing authority, which ensures adherence to legal regulations. The licensing body not only oversees legal compliance but also mediates disputes between players and online casinos, averting legal entanglements. Hence, it’s advisable to opt for online casinos holding Curaçao licenses. You also can pay attention to MGA casino sites.

Furthermore, verifying if the chosen AstroPay casinos accept players from your country is crucial. Certain casinos impose restrictions, disallowing players from specific regions. Therefore, opting for a casino accommodating your country of residence simplifies registration and minimizes potential issues. 

✅ Withdrawal Limits and Timeframes 

Avoiding the frustration of winning big but facing withdrawal limitations necessitates thoroughly examining a casino’s terms and conditions. 

Regarding payment processing times, consulting the AstroPay ‘Payments’ section on the casino website provides insights into transaction timelines. Despite services like AstroPay offering instant transactions, casino policies may delay withdrawals as payment approvals are required. 

However, such delays are inherent to the casino’s policy and not the fault of payment processors like AstroPay.

✅ AstroPay Casino Bonuses 

Welcome bonuses and promotions often sway players’ casino choices. Tracking available promotions, including match-up deposit bonuses, free spins, and wager-free welcome bonuses, facilitates informed decisions. Understanding bonus terms and conditions, especially wagering requirements, ensures optimal bonus utilization. 

Although wager-free welcome casino bonuses may seem enticing, they often come with restrictions on withdrawing bonus money.

✅ Game Variety 

The variety of available games also influences casino selection. Many listed online casinos boast options ranging from slots and live dealers to sports betting and live bets. With an extensive library featuring numerous software providers and thousands of games, assessing a casino’s gaming repertoire before registration guarantees a satisfying online gaming experience.

Other Payment Providers

AstroPay is a premier choice for online casino payments, particularly in underserved gambling markets worldwide. Yet, beyond these borders, it encounters formidable rivals vying for attention. You may discover that alternative platforms tailor their services more precisely to your preferences, a scenario not entirely unforeseeable. 

If you’re contemplating alternatives to AstroPay, several options warrant your consideration:

AstroPay Casinos FAQ

How does AstroPay work at online casinos?

Prepaid AstroPay card is crafted specifically for virtual transactions, offering a reliable and hassle-free avenue to top up your online casino balance. Purchasing AstroPay cards in different amounts empowers users to effortlessly add funds to their gaming accounts sans divulging banking or personal details.

Does every online casino accept AstroPay?

AstroPay finds its place in numerous online casinos, yet its presence isn’t ubiquitous. Before diving in, players are encouraged to peruse the casino’s banking or payment options section to verify AstroPay inclusion as a viable deposit avenue.

Should I use AstroPay cards at online casinos?

Ultimately, the choice rests with you. Prioritize gathering all pertinent details before committing to AstroPay casinos and initiating any deposits.

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