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    Curacao online casinos are well known for receiving players all over the world providing security and confidence to all the bettors that decide to start playing on any casino gambling site in Curacao.

    In this article, we tell you the best Curacao casinos, the bonuses you can get while playing the games, the advantages of Curacao online casinos, the best license, and much more.

    Find out why Curacao casinos are the best option if you want to immerse yourself in a world full of pure adrenaline and excitement.

    After this, you probably want to go to a resort spa on the Sister island, visit the Kura Hulanda Museum, or Mambo beach.
    Curacao egaming casinos in Sweden

    The Best Curacao Casinos 2022

    • Winstoria
    • Raptor
    • HeyCasino!
    • Yaa Casino
    • Happy Spins
    • Jupi Casino
    • Lyra Casino
    • Moi Casino
    • Icebet

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    The Curacao license from the Curacao Gambling Authority is in charge of monitoring and regulating all responsible gaming from online casinos with a Curacao license.

    Since 1996 they have been the ones that issue the licenses to online casinos so they can provide the right services to players.

    In 2014 the laws that regulate the license became stricter bringing more reputation to the casinos in Curacao for their greater security and reliability.

    Lower License Fees in Curacao

    One of the main advantages of the Curacao online gaming license is its low cost.

    License fees vary depending on the master’s license holder along with other factors but are generally lower than in other jurisdictions. The Curacao jurisdiction is so attractive to online casino operators because of the low tax rates.

    While other jurisdictions will put together a long list of different tax rates and fees that operators must pay, a 2% tax on net profits and the renewal fee are the only financial obligations in Curacao.

    The final cost of the license can vary depending on several factors, as many services guide the operator through the licensing process and it is often recommended that operators hire experts to help them find the pricing scheme that suits them best.

    Curacao casino gaming licenses are easy to obtain but many detailed requirements must be met, so the slightest mistake can turn into a waste of time and effort.

    Here are the steps to get the license in Curacao:

    1. Incorporate a company in Curacao.
    2. Prepare the necessary documentation.
    3. Submit the form and pay the fee.
    4. Wait about 6 weeks.
    5. Start operating your online casino.

    Before the approved license is issued, the Curacao Gaming Control Board will review the website.

    This means that the domain name, server, and platform do not necessarily have to be finalized at the time of application, but must be ready before the license is issued.

    Yes, it is completely legal for Swedish players to play at Curacao-licensed online casinos.

    Besides, these betting sites don’t follow the Swedish gambling laws so there are no risks while gambling even if they are regulated by an authority with its own laws and regulations.

    In any case, the Curacao license offers one of the best customer service support in case of any inconvenience, so the problem would be resolved successfully.

    Security Requirement

    Security is one of the main features of online gambling casinos licensed in Curacao.

    Every gaming company that wants a Curacao license needs to fill every security requirement.

    First, is the minimum age, both the owner of the company and all users who enter the website must be 18 years old.

    Secondly, SSL encryption for the best security in the website.

    Thirdly, well-known payment providers with secure and efficient cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

    Other requirements would be third party tested games and back-end logs.

    There are requirements to prevent unethical marketing and must have a visible logo on the casino’s site proving the approval of conducting online gambling games.

    Casinos licensed in Curacao are the safest and most reliable casinos in the world, being the favorites for veteran and more experienced gamblers.

    Big Bonuses at Casinos in Curacao

    The biggest advantage of playing in most casinos in Curacao is that you have tons of benefits and bonuses. These can’t be compared with sports betting promotions, because the Curacao casinos online have far better options.

    You may use these bonuses for different games such as American roulette, poker room, five table games, nine table games, blackjack, craps, slots, and more.

    Below, you can see the best bonuses you can get from a Casino with a Curacao gaming license.

    Curacao Casino No Deposit BonusCuracao casinos no deposit bonus

    The no deposit bonus for Curacao licensed casinos is a method they use to show new players how the platform works.

    This can be a small amount of betting money or free spins to play in online poker, online bingo, video poker machines, Caribbean stud, and other table games.

    No matter what gambling destination you are in, like in a holiday beach hotel, a Curacao Marriott beach resort, the Trupial inn hotel, or even the Martin Luther King Boulevard; you can use this bonus before making your first deposit.

    First Deposit BonusCuracao First Deposit Bonuses casino

    Another well-known bonus is the first deposit bonus.

    The best Curacao casinos online use them as an incentive for players when they fund their accounts for the first time. They can get from 100% up to 200% of the deposit amount.

    According to the given percentage, the turnover will be higher. So, remember this when you are in a holiday beach resort playing Caribbean stud poker.

    Reload BonusCuracao casinos reload nonuses

    There is also a reload bonus that is basically when you get betting money with your deposits after the first funding.

    The amount given to you is usually lower than the previous promotion, but it still helps a lot when you’re playing in slot machines while staying in the San Marco hotel.

    Free Spins in Casino Games

    Curacao casinos free spins bonus

    The biggest casinos with Curacao licenses can give free spins in different ways. Some of them can be in the form of a bonus for making a deposit.

    The other can be as a reward for slot machines tournaments that happen on their websites.

    Free spins work like this: you get several spins for slot machines that you can use even if you are within walking distance of a sunscape resort or a private beach.

    Remember that there will be restrictions and wagering requirements to claim these bonuses.


    Cashback in curacao casinos

    This is a bonus that is seen in a lot of casinos in Curacao, moreover if they are new Curacao casinos.

    This promotion gives you a percentage back after you have lost your bets. Of course, there are special conditions to get a cashback.

    For example, bet a certain amount of money, have a certain amount of deposits during the week, and more.

    You also may require a cashback request to use the bonus. So, if you qualify for this promotion, you could use the money back in a Curacao resort or on other Caribbean islands.

    Are Bonuses from Casinos with Swedish Licenses Different from Curacao Casinos?

    In general, online casinos have similar bonuses no matter the constituent country.

    However, the difference is present in the wagering requirements, benefits, and how much players benefit from these promotions.

    You need to see players as guests of resorts or hotels. When you’re comparing two 4-star hotels, why do guests go to one and not the other? It’s because there is an extra benefit.

    The same happens for Curacao casinos online.

    Are There Taxes in Curacao Casinos?

    Being a player from Sweden and betting at a Curacao online gambling casino, you will be charged with taxes for your winnings bets, and this is the reason why: Curacao online casinos are not located in the European Union meaning that profit taxes must be paid.

    Swedish gambling law asserts that all winnings from casinos that do not have a European gaming license are taxed.

    The Sweden winning tax for gamblers residing in that country is about 30%, and that income must be declared to the Swedish Tax Agency.

    Even so, if the Curacao casino that you are playing at has a gaming license from a reliable gaming authority located in the European Union, you will not need to pay taxes.

    Despite this, gambling at any Curacao casino site is quite profitable thanks to the great opportunities that you have to win in the games they offer you.

    That is, you earn much more than what you have to pay in taxes.

    What Are The Payment Systems in Casinos with Curacao Licenses?

    Online gambling casinos with a Curacao license offer several of the most reliable types of payments systems.

    Down below you will read about the most popular payment methods for transactions that you can find at Curacao online casinos without a Swedish license.


    The name itself may tell you the definition of this system. It is maybe the most reliable and common payment method, well known among the veteran gamblers in the online casino world.

    Curacao casino Trustly is used to complete transactions. It is fast with withdrawals and deposits. They are paid in a matter of 15 minutes.

    We also have a list of the best online casinos with Trustly for 2022


    The Curacao casino Zimpler system became very popular in a short time among players at online casinos with Curacao licenses.

    Curacao casinos with zimpler

    It was made specifically for the gaming industry and offers fast and secure money transfers to the gamblers that decide to use this method.

    The site also has a list of the best online casinos Zimpler for 2022

    Pay and Play

    Curacao casinos with Pay N Play system

    This system works along with Trustly and BankID, making the registration process and deposits easier for the gamblers at any Curacao casino site.

    The working method consists of the BankID providing the personal information for registration while Trustly makes the deposit amounts of the players.

    It is not hard to use this method, you only need to follow these simple steps:

    • Press “play now” on the casino website.
    • Choose the bank of your preference.
    • Type your social security number.
    • Choose a method for the approval of the transaction – BankID.
    • Then continue to pay.

    Don’t miss the list of Pay N Play casino 2022, selected by our team of professionals.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Curacao Licensed Casinos

    There are serious advantages of playing in Curacao licensed casinos.

    Of course, not everything is perfect, which is why there are also disadvantages. Below we will explain them in further detail.

    Advantages of Casinos

    There are for main advantages that you should pay attention to:

    • The Gaming Commission pays extreme attention to the rules and financial management that Curacao egaming casinos have of the players’ assets. Their money must be kept separated from the casino’s accounts.
    • It is ensured by the commission that an online Curacao casino is operated under a safe protocol and secure platform. Websites must have an SSL certificate that ensures the security of personal information.
    • Casinos must provide an RNG certificate that ensures privacy. These are delivered by specialized laboratories.
    • Services in Curacao are top-notch. This means that the players’ and operators’ interests are safe.

    Disadvantages of These Casinos

    Even though you may think that it’s all good.

    You should take the following disadvantages into account:

    • Curacao is not a member of the EU. As such, Swedish players have the duty of declaring their winnings and paying 30% of them all as tax.
    • The Curacao Gaming Commission is not as strict with Curacao gaming casinos as the ones from the EU, like Malta, the UK, or Sweden.
    • If you need to sue the casino you’re playing in, the courtroom will be set in Curacao, which could take a lot of time and extra payments.

    The only way you could attempt a courtroom if you’re in Sweden or the rest of Europe is if you stay in the Wind Creek Curacao Resort, the Papagayo beach resort, the Renaissance Curacao resort, the Otrobanda hotel.

    It works as well if you are in any other places like these where you can play in the Diamond beach casino, the Emerald casino, the Carnaval casino, the Hilton Curacao casino, or the Hill Ross Casino while waiting.

    Indeed, you can find a dozen casinos where you can play while you stay because of the legal process, but it’s not the idea. The coziest casino won’t serve as a relief.

    Curacao casinos Vs. MGA casinos

    Curacao casinos or MGA

    The big question about which organization is better for security matters, Curacao or MGA, is quite hard to answer.

    Both are reliable, reputable, and secure if you want to play in casinos with those licenses.

    But, Curacao casinos tend to have more types of bonuses available for players than MGA casinos, which is why users like to play in them.

    However, the tax exemption of MGA is also an interesting factor to have in mind.


    A Curacao casino is an online gambling site with a license from Curacao.
    Usually, the payment services that casinos with a Curacao gaming license use are:
    • Trustly
    • Zimpler
    • Pay and Play
    There may be more, but these are the main services.
    No. In Curacao gaming casinos there is no gaming break that you should worry about. You can play as much as you want.
    If you’re a Swedish player gambling in a Curacao online casino, then yes, you must pay winning taxes. If the casino has a license from Europe, then you are exonerated.
    Yes. The Curacao license is one of the safest licenses that an online casino should get. Think about this: the largest casino with physical headquarters, would love to have a Curacao license.
    Disputes with casinos that have a Curacao license must be solved in Curacao. You won’t get any extra help in this process, just the regular one so the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.
    Curacao casinos usually have safe environments, so you shouldn’t get in trouble for playing in a Curacao casino. This Curacao gaming license list will help you know which website is secure and which one isn’t.