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    Most online casinos are famous for the casino bonuses they provide. In Sweden, you can enjoy a welcome bonus as a new player. However, you will be amazed to learn about the different bonuses. We will explain how to take advantage of these bonuses and maximize your gambling experience.

    The 10 Best Casino Bonuses in Sweden in 2022

    🎰Bethard🎁A whopping 100% bonus of up to SEK 5000 is rewarded. The turnover requirement is set at 20X with 60-day validity. The minimum bonus is SEK 100, and only new players can claim it.
    🎰Betinia🎁Betinia offers a massive selection of games in its library. Users love the UX design of this casino platform. You get a bonus of up to SEK 3000. Betina is known for its fast deposits and withdrawals.
    🎰Nano Casino🎁Nano Casino offers a massive bonus of up to SEK 3000 of 100%. You enjoy fast payouts with free withdrawals. Many game options are available, including jackpots, online slots, table games, and live casino games. The minimum deposit amount is SEK 100.
    🎰Casinostugan🎁Casinostugan is one of the top casinos in the Swedish markets. You get a 100% bonus on your deposit up to SEK 2000. It’s valid for 60 days. Games include live casinos and other casino games.
    🎰Lucky Casino🎁Lucky Casino comes with its massive library of more than 1400 casino games. The login and KYC are pretty user-friendly. No wagering requirements are applicable. They claim that users can double up their money.
    🎰Betway🎁Betway is an excellent choice for E-sport and casino games. Users get the privilege of registering with a bank ID. The wager or turnover requirement is relatively low. Betway has a Swedish license which makes it reliable. The minimum deposit is SEK 100.
    🎰Dunder🎁Dunder offers a bonus of SEK 2000 as a part of their welcome package. You get a vast game selection library. Deposits and withdrawals are fast and convenient. The UX is simple and easy to use.
    🎰Vegas🎁Vegas is a new casino launched in 2021. Along with an easy registration process, you get a vast game library. Spin games don’t have any wagering requirements. The minimum deposit required is SEK 100, and you can get one of the best online casino bonuses here.
    🎰Expekt🎁Expekt has introduced its new bonus that offers a 100% bonus up to SEK 1500. you also get 30 free spins bonuses. Expekt is known for the three different bonuses that it offers, and you can start playing using your bonus money. Live casino betting and sports games are most popular here.
    🎰CampoBet🎁CampoBet offers a whopping 100% bonus up to SEK 3000, you can also claim some bonuses using a bonus code. A turnover requirement of 30x is kept. CampoBet was released in 2018 and has grown rapidly after that. The platform is optimized for mobile. Slot games are the most popular segment in their gaming library.

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    How To Find Your Best Casino Bonus?

    How to find casino bonus

    Finding the best casino bonus isn’t easy. Every online casino out there is offering bonuses, and each of them can be considered one of the best online casino bonuses. However, you need to understand the criteria and type of bonus, even if it is a welcome bonus you are claiming. We help you understand this by analyzing the online casino bonuses.

    To find the best casino bonus, you need to understand your preferences. Some people love cash bonuses, while others prefer slots or free spins offers. Our suggestions include multiple factors like a turnover requirement, validity, game type, etc. This helps you decide which bonus is suitable for you.

    There is no point in choosing deposit bonuses if you cannot deposit a significant sum of money. Similarly, there is no use in opting for free spin bonuses if you don’t love free spins. Hence we suggest you find out a few things before selecting your best casino bonus:

    • The deposit amount you can make.
    • The type of casino games you love.
    • The type of casinos you have played in.
    • The terms and conditions you can abide by.
    • The max bet amount you can place.

    How Do We Help You Choose the Best Casino With Bonuses?

    We are pretty strict with our parameters when reviewing exclusive online casino bonuses like deposit bonuses or free spins. It’s not easy to rank the online casino as per their bonuses. Most of them offer the same types of bonuses with little difference. However, we inspect and pinpoint the best ones in our rankings with a competitive edge. Here are some of the factors we consider before making a suggestion.

    Turnover Requirement

    The lowest turnover requirement or wagering requirement is essential to note. This helps you understand how much you can take advantage of your welcome bonuses.

    Minimum Deposit Amount

    Most casinos offer deposit bonuses up to 100% as your first deposit bonus. However, we find it worth mentioning the minimum deposit amount you need to claim this bonus.

    Terms and Conditions

    It’s a must to read the terms and conditions before joining a platform. However, some casinos have additional online casino bonus terms attached to their bonuses. We scrutinize and reveal all the hidden rules before suggesting a casino bonus.

    Validity To Claim Bonus

    A deposit bonus is useless if you forget to claim it within the given time limit. This has been done so that players become serious about claiming bonuses. Hence, it’s essential to understand the time limits attached to bonuses.

    Other Hidden Criteria and Conditions

    There are several facts you need to know before enjoying your bonus, such as:

    • You are given a new bonus per license and not per casino. You can’t claim multiple new bonuses on different casinos under the same license.
    • Bonuses are often attached to a type of game. The bonuses do not apply to games. Sometimes, specific bonuses are attached to specific games.

    Different Types Of Bonuses

    There are many bonuses, such as no deposit bonuses, a free spin bonus, free bonuses, etc. Each has its conditions attached to them. It is essential to have clarity about the bonus that you will receive. This prevents frustration, and you get what you were expecting.

    What is a Casino Bonus? Types of Casino Bonuses

    Types of casino bonus

    Casino bonuses are exclusive rewards and prizes given to new and regular users. This serves as a welcome gift for new users encouraging them to deposit money and start playing. All the Swedish casinos mentioned above offer some attractive bonus packages.

    These exclusive casino bonuses offer a great gaming experience. They increase your chances of winning by maximizing the deposits and offering free tokens for spins and slot games. If you are a newbie, we highly recommend claiming the welcome bonuses to start your gambling career.

    There are various online casino bonus types available in Swedish casinos. You must be able to distinguish one from another. Let’s look at some of these types and their advantages.

    Welcome Packages

    Welcome bonuses are exclusive for new players. The mechanism behind this bonus is simple. You deposit money, and you get a percentage bonus of the money you deposited. There is usually an upper limit which can be anywhere between SEK 2000 and 5000. These bonuses increase your initial wallet balance by two folds allowing you to maximize your bets.

    Casino Reload Bonuses

    Reload bonuses are given to regular players. This scheme involves some criteria like you have to play a set number of games or spend a particular amount of cash funds. Hence, you receive a loyalty bonus every time you deposit money. Many casinos in Sweden also give bonuses on consecutive deposits.

    As the name suggests, you deposit or reload your money, receiving this reload bonus. This encourages players to deposit funds multiple times and enjoy these bonuses. Casinos also enjoy the cash flow.

    Cashback Bonus or Refund Bonus

    Cashback bonuses are exclusive bonuses where you receive a cashback even after losing. This is applicable only on particular matches or occasions. Cashback bonuses help you avoid losses. It can be a fun experience while playing if you get cashback bonuses. It works like this: You place a bet and wait for results. If you win, you will get the reward, and if you lose, you will get your cashback.

    Hence, the money that you lost is given back to you in the form of cashback. This saves your losses, and you don’t lose anything. However, you must be aware of the cashback percentages.

    Free Spin Offers & Bonuses

    People love playing free spin games to try out their luck. Many Swedish casinos and gambling sites offer free spin bonuses as a part of their welcome package. For example, Expekt offers 30 free spins for a new user. Free spins are often exciting for newbies due to their element of randomness and chances of winning big prizes.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    Most casinos provide bonuses upon depositing funds and playing games. However, some casinos also allow you to claim bonuses without making any deposit. This attracts new players who are unsure about using real funds. It also lets you explore a casino platform before depositing your own money.

    In most cases, the deposit bonus amount is subjected to a minimum turnover requirement. After gaining some experience, you can be more confident about your bets, increasing your winning chances.

    VIP Online Casino Bonuses

    VIP bonuses are given to VIP players. As you can understand, VIP player status is given to those users who transact a large number of funds on the casino platform. These bonuses are less relatable for new users. However, once you achieve the VIP status, you can enjoy these bonuses.

    VIP bonus criteria can vary from one casino to another. It applies to different games, and you receive particular loyalties and rewards while betting.

    Free Spins – No Deposit Bonus

    You already know how free spin bonuses work. However, some Swedish casinos offer free spin bonuses as a no deposit bonus. As soon as you sign up, some free spins are credited to your account. These free spins can help you win jackpots. You may also earn significant rewards without depositing a penny.

    As we know, free spins are based on luck more than skills. However, free spin bonuses with no deposit let you experience the thrill of real-time betting with actual rewards. You should note the turnover requirements or reward criteria attached to these free spin rewards.

    Rules Applicable To Casino Bonuses In Sweden

    The online gambling industry has grown by many folds in recent years. This caused the licensing authorities to develop some rules and regulations. Several rules were made for the latest casino bonuses as well. This section will go through these rules and see where you need to be cautious.

    Hidden Rules and Regulations are Prohibited

    Many organizations have a habit of making essential criteria invisible. They do this to hide those potential factors which might cause the user to back out. However, as per the rules of the Swedish license authorities, all online casino bonus rules and regulations must be visible to the user, along with the bonuses.

    Minimum 60 Days Given To User To Claim Bonus

    Many casinos had a scheme of removing bonuses from users’ accounts within a short period. However, as per the rules, a minimum time of 60 days should be given to the user to claim the bonus. This rule ensures that the users are treated with just and fairness.

    No Discrimination Allowed

    The latest casino bonuses are supposed to be provided to all the players without discrimination. This excludes VIP bonuses, of course. This rule has been made to ensure that no players are excluded from enjoying any aspect of the online casino industry.

    Bonus Credit Given Once Per License Not Casino

    If you are a new player in online gambling, you can enjoy bonuses at any casino. However, you will get the new bonus only if you have not claimed any bonus from a casino under that license. In simpler terms, you can only get one bonus per license.

    The Steps To Choose The Best Casino Bonus

    1. 1️⃣The first step is to go through our list of the best casino bonuses. You can choose a casino whose bonus seems attractive to you.
    2. 2️⃣After you have selected your casino, you must explore the platform. Don’t forget to pay attention to their terms and conditions before signing up.
    3. 3️⃣If you are satisfied with their terms, you proceed with signing up and following the on-screen instructions.
    4. 4️⃣You can now claim your bonus. You might have to go through a KYC process and make a deposit before claiming the bonus.
    5. 5️⃣As soon as you make your first deposit, your bonus should also be reflected in your account.

    Always Read The Terms and Conditions For Casino Bonuses

    Everyone loves bonuses. However, few love the terms and conditions attached to them. You have tons of exciting bonuses on Swedish casinos, but you need to read all the terms and conditions before moving ahead. Let’s look at some of the factors you should look for:

    Return to player

    RPT or return to player is applicable on slot games. It tells you the percentage of the money you can get back from your bet as a reward. You never get 100% RPT, so you need to find the exact percentage.

    Minimum Deposit

    This is the minimum amount of funds you need to add for claiming the bonuses.

    Payment Methods

    You should be aware of the payment methods allowed in a casino. Some accept cards, while others accept cryptocurrencies.

    Available Games

    Don’t forget to check the game library before signing up. If your favorite games aren’t available, you shouldn’t choose that casino.

    Betting Requirements

    You must know the wagering requirements or turnover requirements. If it is too difficult to meet, that bonus is not worth claiming.

    Maximum Bet

    You must know the maximum amount of money you can bet. Watch out for any restrictions on the betting games.

    Bonus Validity Period

    Most casinos offer a 60 day time to claim any unused bonus. However, you should check for the validity period to claim your bonus on time.

    Withdrawal Limits

    There is no fun in playing at online casino sites if you cannot withdraw your prizes. Hence, you should look for the withdrawal limits on that casino.

    What is Wager?

    A wager is a concept of risking money on the outcome of a specific event against another person or persons. In simple terms, let’s say you toss a coin. You risk money on heads, and another party risks money on tails. You win if the head comes up, and the other party loses money.

    What is a Betting Requirement?

    Some Swedish casinos have a fixed requirement of 20 to 40 times your bonus amount. This is the minimum amount of wager you have to play before withdrawing your bonus amount. It is split between your deposit money as well as your bonus amount.

    A betting requirement is essential so that players are obliged to play a certain number of times before withdrawing bonuses. The bonus amounts are relatively high depending on the deposits. Hence, casinos cannot allow players to withdraw bonuses instantly.

    How Can I Activate My Casino Bonus Without an Account?

    Claiming casino bonus offers without an account is a new option to skip the traditional registration process. Instead of signing up for the platform, you log in with your Bank ID. You need to provide your social security number.

    Using Bank ID has its advantages, such as fast deposits and withdrawals. To activate the bonus, you need to claim the bonus after logging in for the first time. In most Swedish casinos, claiming a bonus is readily available without using any online casino bonus codes or casino codes.

    What Are The Top Factors For Casino Bonuses

    Before winding up, let’s look at the most critical factors you should focus on for casino bonuses.

    • The type of bonus.
    • The online casino bonus requirements.
    • The turnover requirements.
    • Fundamental concepts such as wager should be clear to you.
    • The rules apply to casino bonuses.
    • You should read the terms and conditions before signing up.
    • You can claim bonuses on some online casino sites without making an account.

    Casino Bonuses in New Casinos

    Claiming casino bonuses at new casinos can be rewarding. New casinos are mostly launched by established companies. They thrive because they have something to offer that their competitors cannot. Not to mention, they also operate under valid licenses.

    Hence, a new casino will focus on increasing its user base. This means that you can get your hands on some fantastic bonus prizes. But, the question is, how can you find these new casinos? You can rely on experts like us who research the online casino industry and bring nothing but the best to you.

    However, we will always recommend scrutinizing any casino platform before choosing it. Many fake sites disguised as casinos are out there to trap you. Hence, you should stick to the factors we mentioned while choosing a casino bonus.

    Casino Bonuses FAQ

    Getting a casino bonus is relatively simple. If you are signing up on a casino platform for the first time, you will get an option to claim the welcome bonus. Similarly, you can claim other bonuses by going to the rewards or bonus section while using the platform.
    No, you cannot get bonuses with no wagering requirements. This is because casinos cannot allow players to withdraw their bonuses without playing any games.
    Look no further than our complete guide for the top online casinos in 2022. Our extensive research will help you find the right casino of your choice.
    Yes, many casinos offer a no deposit bonus scheme. Here, you get to enjoy bonuses before depositing funds.
    Any winnings on the casino using the bonus are given to you in your casino wallet. You can also withdraw that amount after the betting requirement has been met.
    Yes, online casino bonuses are entirely legal in Sweden. However, many rules and regulations have been applied to the bonuses before legalizing them.
    Playing with a casino bonus increases your chances of winning a game. You also get the chance to explore the platform better. You also get to try the games without deposits in no deposit bonuses, using the bonus alone.
    Casino bonuses themselves don’t have any disadvantages. However, if you are not careful about the terms and conditions like wagering requirements and minimum deposit amount, bonuses can get you in trouble.